Monday, June 1, 2009

Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Yup. You guessed it. Love and marriage.

A topic I rarely bring up and haven't ever blogged about. Why is that? Do you ever wonder why it is so difficult for single girls (especially those out of college and older) to say out loud:

"What I want most in my life is to meet the right guy and get married. I want to be a mom someday."

I know this isn't what every woman wants, but for those of us that do I have a question. Why are we so intimidated by that statement? Don't get me wrong, ladies; I know that it's what we talk about with our friends… our female friends. But how often do we say it when we're talking to friends of the male persuasion?? Here I am, saying it now… I really want to get married and I really want to be a mom. There you have it, folks. It's the truth. It's my deepest desire for my life.

Psalm 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Delight yourself in the Lord. Can you do that all the time? To delight means literally to gain great enjoyment and pleasure. I know it is often times (most of the time?) easier for me to complain and gripe when I really should be finding enjoyment in Him. Take June for example. I am in 1 wedding, a coordinator for a second and going to three others all in the next three weekends (I was also invited to a 6th, but I'm unable to make it). That's a lot of weddings! On top of those, both of my roommates are in serious relationships and the pastor at my church is doing a summer sermon series on marriage. For a girl who wants to get married someday but is currently single, that's a rough month of June!! And I'll be honest. There are times I complain. I truly love these friends (and family) getting married and I honestly wish them the uttermost joy and blessings in the life they are about to enter in to, but there are times I kind of want to scream... 'WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN'!!

This morning was especially hard for me. I had a client come to my window just when a coworker mentioned something to me about the weddings and the person asked me what my coworker meant, so I gave a quick answer and they looked at my hand and said, so what… are you one of those always a bridesmaid never a bride types? I laughed it off and joked, but what I was thinking was "you rude jerk"!!! It hurt... it still kind of hurts. Not because of the comments made, but because of the emotions stirred up inside.

I'm 23 days away from my 29th birthday.

I want in the least to meet him....

...because ultimately, I want to be a wife and a mom.