Friday, November 23, 2007

A day late…

but hopefully not a dollar short... I am working after all! =0)

Things I’m Thankful For:

- A God that shows his love in an abundance of ways.
- Parents that understand why I live so far away even though they don’t like it.
- The very adorable Chloe and Cash… and the fact that they are both healthy kids.
- Brothers that are cool now that we’re grown-ups! Haha
- Sister-in-laws that I love like actual sisters
- A best friend that I can pick up the phone and talk to like we don't live in different states and sometimes haven't talked in weeks.
- Friends that allow me to dress up like an 80's rock star and play the rude liar in a murder mystery dinner.
- Not working retail anymore on Black Friday!!!! =0)
- A group of girls that I refer to as my "core". They know me better then I know myself.
- A job that lets me be Pink Floyd for Halloween! (I need to get that picture to post)
- A church that is wonderful at acting as my family when I’m missing my actual family.
- Cute red shoes
- Stores that respect Thanksgiving and don't blare Christmas music starting on Halloween.
- People who need to cash checks... they keep me in a job!!!
- Coworkers that make me laugh… especially when I’m annoyed at the Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
- Thanksgiving Day leftovers (why do they seem to be better after Thanksgiving is over??)
- Friends that’ll hang out on Thanksgiving so I’m not completely alone.
- Not working retail today... aka Black Friday =0)
- Jeans that fit better the day after Thanksgiving then they did the day before!
- Online shopping for Christmas presents.
- Being able to wear jeans at work on Friday
- Seeing my debt get smaller every month.
- Having parents that are able to help me out when I need them.
- People in my life that keep me sane even when life gets crazy/depressed/weird/sad/stupid/frustrating/annoying/boring/etc...
- A boss that truly cares about me and what is going on in my life.
- The easy communication of e-mail which gives me the ability to talk to friends and family all over the country and see pictures of my cute niece and nephew that I only actually see a couple of times a year.
- The freedom to openly demonstrate my faith without persecution from my government.
- This country's armed forces... especially those missing out on spending the holidays with their families so they can risk their lives for our freedom.
- A car that gets me from my starting point to my destination without breaking down.
- An apartment with washer/dryer hookups... I strongly dislike Laundromats!!
- Gas prices getting higher and higher (oops... wrong list!)
- People shopping the day after Thanksgiving (on which I don't work retail). It keeps them away from the bank and allows me a slow day! Quite the antithesis of Black Friday, huh?
- First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Westchester. The best bank ever! It's no longer in existence, but it gave me a solid foundation for my current job.
- Lowes. Working there makes me really appreciate working here!
- Have I mentioned not having to work retail after Thanksgiving??? Not even just the day, but the entire holiday season?? It was such a horrible thing to have to do!!
- Blogspot... it give me the opportunity to write all this stuff that may or may not be read by people I know... or don't know...

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving spending time with family and friends!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back to the Eighties

I went to the coolest party ever on Saturday night!! It was totally awesome!! All of the biggest stars showed up!! We wanted to show our support for Hair Aid. It’s this gnarly fund raising concert event sponsored by Maqua Net Hairspray to raise some cash for research and development to totally design innovative ways to create bodaciously large hairstyles!! Fabulous, I know!

The party was held at the quaint home of our hostess Samantha Pinkman and her husband Peter Pinkman, scientist and famed ghost eliminator. We had some delicious cocktails (Shirley Temples) and got to mingle with all of the other famous people in attendance. Let’s see… there was the chairman of Hair Aid and Maqua Net CEO Biff Ewing; the Reverend James Cooker and his wife Glammy Ray; My best friend and pop singer, Gladonna. Break dancer Shaggy-Goo Oxide and his protégé Talex Towens (she’s narcoleptic); Atari Champion Buffy Bueller; Bobby Sue Petton the Olympic gold medalist who is a kleptomaniac and recently (as in that afternoon) stole my boyfriend, Moe Jontanna; which left me wide open to the annoying advances of Jeven Rearcie egotistical front man of a glam rock band; And of course, Mr. P (well known assassin) who we would fear to leave off the list of guests!

We realized early on in the night that everyone seemingly hated Moe. Which I loved, obviously; I mean he dumped me!! ME!!! Patty Plane!! He dumped Patty Plane!!! But even I was stunned when halfway through the evening Moe was murdered!! He was literally gagged with a spoon! It was horrible! And we had no idea who did it! I mean, like, even though I hated him, I didn’t kill him! And I know Gladonna has some assassins on her staff, but when she was saying that someone was terminated it was a member of her staff that made a mistake. But everyone had reasons of their own and just wanted Moe gone!! The one person no one expected is that it would be Samantha that killed him! I guess it’s always the quiet ones that you don’t expect. All she did was play with that annoying Rubik’s Cube all the time… it was really weird… Anyway, she did it, and accidentally left her freaky cube right next to his body!!

And poor Talex, with her narcolepsy problem, she didn’t even know if she did it or not! I mean, they were in the other room and she dropped in the middle of her break dancing and then he was killed! It’s a good thing Samantha admitted to the murder… people already blamed Talex as it was!

I bet I could use this party (and my heartbreak) to write a totally awesome song for me and my band the Brown Livers!!

Enjoy some photos from the paparazzi:

New Digs

I don't know that I’d mentioned it previously in my blog, but after two years, my now former roommate and I decided (as you could I'm sure tell by the title ‘former roommate’) to no longer be roommates. If we had tried to go three years, I am quite certain that we would no longer have been friends anymore. Anyway, I took a day off of work at the begining of October to find an apartment and signed the lease for my new place on the 12th! They offered me a half month free so I was able to move slowly. Which is the second biggest thing that happened in the last month. Here are a couple of pics from my new place:

The outside (exciting, I know!)

The bedroom (notice the lack of sheets... haha)

The living room

There's a picture of the kitchen, but I look pretty crummy in it (from moving all day!) so I cut me out of it:

The fun thing, is that these pics were sent to me from my parents who came into town for a weekend!! It was really fun to see them. In my book that was the biggest thing that had happened in October! So, I honestly don’t have any pictures of me and my parents, weird right? But, I do have a picture of the carrot cake I made for my mom! Her birthday was in September; and they were supposed to come and visit that weekend, but my mom had hurt her back, so they postponed. So, we celebrated late…

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. =0) I used some of the techniques from a cake decorating class I took a while back (as soon as I get pics I'll show them! I promise!)
With the exception of the crashing computer, October was a pretty kickin' month!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Cutest Little Butterfly and Vampire EVER!!!

So, I know I'm probably predjudice and all, but can you honestly say they are not the cutest!! My nephew Cash will be one in January; he was a vampire for halloween:

Chloe (who turned 2 in August) was supposed to be Cash's 'victim' at first, but it was the first day of her new dance class, so instead she was a beautiful butterfly =0)

They're super-cute! And I miss them tons... can't wait to see them in December!! Until then I will keep living vicariously through pictures...