Monday, January 12, 2009


So... no resolutions. But perhaps some thoughts of things I need/want to do?

  • Drink more water! It’s not that I’m drinking tons of pop or anything, but I don’t get enough fluids during the day in general. You’re ‘supposed’ to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day, and I easily subsist on maybe a bottle of water and a can of diet caffeine free pop. So what’s that? Maybe 24 oz of fluids instead of 64oz?? Not so good.
  • Take a pottery class. Haha… this one is actually checked off starting tomorrow!! But, it is something I had planned on doing this year, and I found a class that is 10 weeks long, materials included for only $175 total!!! That is an amazing, non-pass-up-able price!! So, tomorrow 6:30-8:45pm begins the de-stressing fun!
  • Continue going to the gym 4 days a week. I started doing this maybe the end of October/beginning of November? Anyway, I want to continue doing it because while I end up sore often, and have killed my knee once already, it makes me feel really good! I think it could be addicting!
  • Spin class. With Crystal. Sunday’s at 3:15pm. I didn’t over-do it yesterday since my knee was still sore, but I am determined to get myself back up to par to keep up with everyone! The instructor is great and very encouraging, and I have a coworker who will bug me, so it’s good motivation!
  • Yoga. Also de-stressing. Are you seeing a pattern with this year? There are talks of a yoga night with the girl’s maybe every other week?
  • Save more money. This one will be tough as I have millions of weddings to go to. Not literally, but they are all within a month. Literally. I’m going to one wedding in the morning of a wedding I’m standing up in. Insanity. But R-Jo is really thankful, Rachel!
  • Pray about God’s focus for my life. I just get into this place so often where I’m discontent, and I am wondering if it’s because my focus in life is just not matched up to the focus Christ would have for me. Am I where I need to be? Do I need to pray for contentment because I’m not where I thought I’d be?

We’ll see where 2009 takes me… hopefully based on the things above, to a place of low stress and contentment. =o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So... about the post I did on 1/1/09...

... I feel the need for a mini "WOO-HOO" update!
Ready for this??
... I (along my 1 of my roomies)...
... will be taking...
*nope... not excited in the least ;-)*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jerry's Art-A-Rama

There is an aisle in a store that holds items that have the power to

Calm me.

Relax me.

Center me.

These things work well with this manual pottery wheel.

Anyone have an extra couple thousand dollars??