Monday, April 28, 2008

Call me a city girl...

But I don't think I've seen snails just out and about before. Slugs, yes. We used to like to pour salt on them (hehe). But Not so much with the snails. I was very amused seeing so many of these little guys out on my porch and on the sidewalk on Sunday afternoon! Although I think Papa John was much more entertained watching me get amused by snails...

"Ghetto Fabulous Low Rider Furniture"

Here's how the story goes:

On Saturday I was working at our Church St., and the nearby subdivision of Indian Hills was having a huge subdivision garage sale (there were a LOT of houses involved). Well, a client comes in and is talking to one of my coworkers about all the stuff his wife is selling/trying to get rid of when he mentions that they are selling a Loveseat, Sofa, and chair for $10 apiece. I hadn't really been listening but when I realized he was talking about furniture, I asked him about it (seeing as how all I had was a really old laz-y-boy - it's the one I recovered a couple of months ago!).

He repeated to me again what he had and said they're 3 for $9. In matter of 30 seconds he dropped the price $21!! So, I start asking him what they look like, etc... and he says "What do you care what they look like?? They're free!!"

That's how I got free furniture on Saturday... My coworker Shelley hauled it over in her trailer with some help and Papa John came over to help us bring it into my apartment on Sunday afternoon.

They're really comfortable!! RachelBaby and RubyRed can both vouch for that!! but...let's just say... I need slipcovers...

The duct tape was my addition, and I think it adds a certain amount of panache.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Melting Pot

Here was my plan for Monday:

-Home to change
-Home to relax

Here is what I did instead:

-Home to change
-Melting Pot
-Home to relax

Do you see the big difference between those two?

Yep, you guessed it... instead of hitting the gym for an hour I went out to eat. But it was worth it to have a girls night out! I went with Patty and Karen, and we had a BLAST! I even remembered (not until dessert) that I had a camera in my purse (also known as my phone), so I took a couple of pictures.

Patty & Karen

I played with the "blast" feature on my camera, it takes four shots in a row, and here it is in a filmstrip-type fashion.
The plates-o-desserts to dip into...
...the "Ying-Yang" goodness! It was dark and white chocolate; and simply delicious!

So thanks, Patty, for making me realize that it was a good thing to skip the gym and go eat chocolate! It was definitely worth it =0)

*I should probably mention that Monday was considered "Girls Night Out" at the Melting Pot (although aparently Karen and Patty didn't know that when they decided to go). So $25 of each of our dinners went to St Jude's, The Women's Fund and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.*

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, I was planning on getting a new laptop this weekend.

But now I’m not…

I’ve decided that there are other things I need to spend my money on… and I really like having a savings account! Hahaha… I’ve turned into my dad.

Save, save, save!

World Market

A couple of weeks ago, RubyRed and I went to World Market, one of the newer stores to make it to The Avenue; and oh, the things we found!!

Now some things, they have are really nice! I’m a big fan of a bunch of their furniture and some of their lighting, etc… but check out some of the more interesting things we found…

Is it a basket? A purse? I don’t know… but I bet it’ll hold a lot of things!
Light up flowers?? I think I’ll carry them when I get married!!
What is this you ask??
It’s a Tri-colored Yard of Popcorn!
Mini Tabasco anyone?
It was found in the isle of mini’s (not the car) which included…
…my personal favorite mini-nutella! (with mini-nutella spreaders)
And my not-so-favorite… Lobster pate (with cognac).
And the next aisle over… all things jellied!
Followed by: Cracked Pepper Smoked Salmon. They also had original if the pepper doesn’t appeal to you.
Kewpie Mayo anyone??
RubyRed wanted this book (can you blame her?)
Yo... they’re pies (in case you weren’t sure)
Then we found the Bubble up next to the Nesbitts…

And for its very own special section… The World Market Candy Aisle!

Sauerkraut… in candy form??
Ooo… white mouse candy!
In case you’re unable to read this, it is “Oops a-daisy… The super pocket pooper” Who is buying this???
Come to think of it, I see knock-off ginger chews everywhere!

This is a little cheaper then botox...
...but this is for a boo-boo...
...and this is in case of emergency.
Do you think these really work Dr. Ward and RachelBaby??

Some of these items were purchased my either myself or RubyRed.

I’m not telling which…


Friday, April 4, 2008

I feel like I need to...

do more crafting...

As I sat online while hanging out with RubyRed last night, while we half paid attention to a movie, she was creating a collage. And as I see the final masterpiece this morning on her blog, it made me think about how crafting used to make me feel a sense of peace... of calm... it allowed me to think outside of myself for a while... just long enough to get my focus back on track.

I know, I do turn to God for all of that... but sometimes it helps to not think about my own life and all of it's ridiculousness...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Magnetic Poets I

(credit to Crystal Stone)


I am not a big jewelry person.

I don't wear much at all.

At most, you'll see me in earings or a necklace... just one piece of jewelry...

Then why is it, may I ask, that I really do want to get a present one day

That comes in a blue box, just like this:


The Specs

I know It's not me wearing the specs, but that will have to come later... I have a cold sore... no pictures please!! haha =0)

At Last...

Nope, my love is not here to stay... but I don't mind waiting when I have such amazing friends! Like friends that take random trips to Chicago!!

Here are some pics, as previously promised...

Me in front on "The Bean"

The Funniest T-Shirt in a shop window

On our way to the Symphony Center

(I like the way it's almost grainy and old fashioned)

The BEST Store ever!!!

(At least it was)

The store formerly known as Marshall Fields

Our WTF moment

My cousin from Georgia (Jessica) happened to be in town, too!

And... We got to hang with my friend Greg!! =0)
(I'm sure he'll love that I put up this pic!)