Friday, September 7, 2012

I Struggle

I struggle with how honest I can be here. How much I can share. How much I might hurt someone's feelings or make them angry or upset... What's the rule? Where's the line?

When do I stop trying to make people happy?

I feel like I've upset several people over the last month and my God-serving self is at war with my Humanity-serving self.

Do what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do, but don't upset anyone else while you're doing it.

Keep it quiet.


They might get upset.....

Even now I'm fighting my desire to delete every single thing I've written so far. Maybe I won't even post this. Maybe I will........... *sigh*

I have struggled at my church for a while now... like a couple of years, not a couple of weeks... and due to some circumstances, I spent a few weekd focusing on God's will in my life fasting and praying and trying to seek His leading for my life.

I'm leaving that church. I've known for a couple of months, but wanted to be able to share with others so that no one found out here. It has nothing to do with anyone specifically, it's the Holy Spirit leading. At first I had no idea where I would go or where my future would be, but I learned more and more about the Harvest Nashville church plant. Harvest is the church I went to in the Chicagoland area and I'm blessed to say I'm a part of this core group of people launching in Nashville.

God is doing so much and desiring much for Nashville, it's almost palpable!! The more I'm able to be involved and the more I contribute, the more excited I get!

I apologize for hurt feelings, or anything taken other than intended, but I refuse to apologize for following the will of God in my life.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Plans? What are yours?

Grilling out and friends and family? tell me, tell me =o)

I have a list... it's numbered C =o)

1. Boot Camp- today was my first day back in 3 weeks! (check)
2. Sit with an ice pack on my back for a bit while watching Doctor Who and uploading CD's on the new laptop. (check, check, check)
3. Clean! Bedroom, bathroom...  (I'm blogging to avoid starting)
4. Shower and make myself "out with friends" cute.
5. Dinner with my Cousin and her boyfriend and a friend of theirs.
6. Home, veg out, sleep.....

And now that I've finished typing this... *sigh*... time to clean...