Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Sky

Some mornings I think God creates sky art just for me. Not that I'm seeing shapes while I drive around (I pay a little better attention to the road), but the glory that fills the sky... just look at this!

Can you beat that! That was the sunrise this morning as I drove out to Shelbyville. Amazing. And this cell phone photo doesn't do it any justice. The sun was beaming through the clouds like it was lighting up the city of Murfreesboro! I wish I was running early so I could have pulled over and taken some photos with my good camera... just to see what I could have gotten... But maybe that was just for me. Or not... here are some more cell phone shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did on my ride in this morning! =o)

74. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet.

Another one from the list completed. 

And in case you can't read my tiny little handwriting, you can see the list here.
(side note: in no way is this a recommendation for any of these movies. If you want to watch any of them, you can ask and I'll let you know the ones that might be worth it...) 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love This time of Year

That title... it's actually a line from a country song I love. It throws out images of fireflies and dancing barefoot... Otis Redding playing on the radio... an ode in a way to spring or summer. I love spring and summer, but there's something about fall that makes me sigh. I want to breathe in the air and take in every color...
 Can you blame me?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking breaks

I’ve taken quite a break on you, haven’t I blogging friends? I’ve really just left aside my laptop and relaxed and haven’t thought. I’ve lived life with friends and had some great conversations with friends that I don’t usually get to spend enough time with. I’ve enjoyed some much needed alone time and walked most of a 5k.

I started reading Radical which led me to unplug my TV in an effort to stop wasting time in my life. I always called it background noise, but really it sucks me in and music is just as good for noise. Radical is not an easy read. I’m only 2 chapters in, and I already put it down a few times. If you are feeling the tug of God wanting more from you (or even if you’re not) go ahead and pick it up. You’ll put it down a few times, but it’ll be worth it (says the girl who’s only read two chapters).

We’re 2/3rds of the way into the month and I’ve only chatted with you a handful on times and this is where I normally say that I’ll do better and that I’ll try to blog more often, but blog friends… I just don’t think I can say that right now. I will, however, try to show you some belated photos that I hadn’t posted before. You know… the ones I just got done editing from the 4th of July (and some from January and February). I know those aren’t very current. They don’t necessarily say what’s going on with me today, but we’ll just think of it as a trip down this year’s memory lane, how about that? And I’ll keep my Wordless Wednesday’s current… probably… =o)

Bear with me friends. I think my life is taking on a whole different direction I don’t really understand.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sabbatical

I'm taking a break. From blogging. Probably only for this week, but I'm not even going to post a Wordless Wednesday this week. I need to clear my brain and focus on some things going on in my life. All this when I've gotten a cold means there's no extra room in my brain for this typing (you should see how many typos I've made already).

So, blog friends, I will be back sometime after I walk my very first 5k... until then, I wish you a wonderful week filled with blessings and joy even in the difficulties.