Monday, February 27, 2012


I used to be spontaneous. Used to be.

Where did it go?

I used to love it when last minute, friends would call or text to randomly go somewhere or meet up.

Lately I find myself planning my weeks and they seem so busy that I don't want to try to fit anything else into my plans.. into life. I want to go home after work and be a bum when I don't already have plans (which seems like never, now-a-days).

I'm thinking about applying the 'dating rule' of saying no when its last minute plans.

What do you think?

*really, I want to get to a point where I love being spontaneous again, but I don't think it'll happen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been following the practices of lent for a few years now... it was something I felt (feel) pretty strongly about and this year it seems that I know a lot of people that are observing lent and services and practices(?) prior to Easter. It's been interesting talking to others about Easter and Lent, to be able to be extremely open about the Gospel and Easter and what it means. To talk to people about why I observe it....

I read these blogs lately and wanted to share them.

What do you think of lent? I really want to know...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday

This morning it was raining. A lot. It eventually turned into snow, but while I was getting ready to go to church, the rain was coming down.

It reminded me of a book I got for Christmas a few years ago. Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It's an allegory similar to Pilgrims Progress, following the story of Much-Afraid in her journey of life and faith and learning to trust the Shepherd with her life.

There's a part of the story where Much-Afraid is traveling on a mountain near a waterfall and she sees the drops of water hurtling themselves from the top of the falls onto the rocks below. It looks terrible. Awful. Painful. But the closer she gets, the more she hears the drops; and they're singing.

"Come, oh come- let us away,
Lower, lower every day,
Oh, joy it is to race
Down to find the lowest place.
This is the dearest law we know -
It is happy to go low.
Sweetest urge and sweetest will,
Let us go down lower still.

Hear the summons night and day
Calling us to come away.
From the heights we leap and flow
To the valleys down below.
Always answering to the call,
To the lowest place of all.
Sweetest urge and sweetest pain,
To go low and rise again."

I wonder what the rain was singing today while I was getting ready for church; or what the snow sang as it gently fell to the ground while my pastor challenged us with the Word of God…

(Luke 19:40)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Valentine

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
Make me warn all over
With a feeling that I'm gonna
Love you till the end of time

So here's to the golden moon
And here's to the silver sea
And mostly here's a toast
To you and me

(Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally (aka Confessions of a [former] Messaholic)

Confession #1: I used to never care about cleaning. Much to the chagrin of my parents it was, I'm sure, very difficult to get me to clean up my bedroom. Clothes (clean and dirty), papers, books, you name it and it probably lived on my floor, until I was made to put it elsewhere. I firmly believed that there was no point in making my bed since it would only get messed up at night. It couldn't have been fun to deal with (sorry Mom & Dad!).

Confession #2: Mess, now, stresses me out. I'm ok with a little 5% mess (clutter?), but really thats only because I generally know that most of it goes! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Type A OCD crazed cleaner, but I've learned that I like organized. I like neat. I crave it… if my home/work space are at least mostly organized, I'm more at peace and able to focus on more important things.

I moved into my current apartment Labor Day weekend. 153 days ago, to be exact.

I finally finished unpacking, cleaning, & organizing this past weekend. 5 months. Its ridiculous, really, it is. I know this.

But its done!!

Well, 95% done, but I'll take it!


Confession #3: I still rarely make my bed. Only if I just washed my sheets (and even then…)…