Wednesday, August 29, 2007

46 Things That Make Me Happy (updated)

1. Reading on the beach
2. The smell of the outdoors after a good rain
3. Snow sticking to tree branches in the morning
4. A phone call from a close friend just to say “hi”
5. Woodfield Mall with Faith
6. Frango chocolates from Marshall Fields
7. Girls days out with my sister’s in law and niece
8. Sushi
9. Chinatown
10. Conversations at 3 am
11. Reconnecting with old friends
12. Phone calls from my Pops
13. Voicemail messages from my Mom
14. E-mailing with friends on a slow day at work
15. Pedicures with designs on my big toes!
16. Using a pottery wheel
17. Lindy-isms
18. Being in balance at work
19. Red high heels
20. Frozen grapes
21. Sunday afternoon naps
22. Black and white photography
23. My Uncle Chuck
24. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
25. Football in the snow
26. Cicada’s
27. A new box of crayons
28. The sound of rain hitting the roof of my parents sun room
29. New pictures of my niece and nephew in my inbox in the morning
30. Blueberry Picking
31. A good cup of tea
32. The bluffs in Minnesota during the fall with the colors changing on the trees
33. Rock climbing and seeing a hawk circling BELOW me!
34. The space heater near my feet right now.
************************** (Added after my trip to Destin)
35. Being on the beach at 2 in the morning after an 8+ hour car ride to get there
36. Lightening over the Gulf of Mexico
37. Taking a walk with a Blue Heron
38. Floating in the water
39. Pelicans diving for food
40. Getting to pet an alligator!!!!! = )
(Odd fact about me that few people know…
My favorite animal is the alligator)
41. Learning new fun stuff about good friends
42. Dave O. and Ricky in the pool (enough said)
43. The made up basketball/ultimate Frisbee pool game
44. Entertaining people around the pool (and on balconies) with the game
45. Being at NWB for the week after I got back!
46. The space heater near my feet right now…

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Death of Myspace (aka The End of an Obsession)

I deleted my myspace account on Sunday night around 9:00 pm. It said that it would be completely gone in 48 hours. Which means, as of around 9:00 pm last night... I have no myspace account.

And somehow... I feel like more of an adult...