Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Starting a Fund....

It's going to be called:

Massage Makes Joy's Back Feel AWESOME!

Who wants to donate? =oD

My back in still twingy... I'm still dealing with it through anti-inflammatories... and heating pads... and occasionally ice packs... but at the beginning fo the month before all of this craziness went down, I signed up for a 20 minute chair massage for today at work (because my company is awesome and it's pretty cheap).

I admit to being a little trepidatious as I walked across the street for the massage, but I had talked to my friend the massage therapist about my back when this all went down a couple of weeks ago, so I figured she'd understand if I needed to quit.

Didn't need to... as a matter of fact for the first time in almost 3 weeks I stood up and walked around like nothing was wrong!

By the time I got back to my desk things got a little bit slightly twingy again, but I'm feeling o-so-much better than I was a couple of hours ago.....

Who wants to donate? I think an hour a day until my back is all better sounds good ;o)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Going Through E-mails

I was scrolling through my email folders and stumbled across one I forgot about simply titled "worship". Curious, I opened it to find 1 email I had saved from November 2008. It seems that I had typed out and emailed myself songs that we sand in youth group...

This was one of my favorites:

     you are the giver of life
     you are the river running deep in my soul
     my desire
     fill me til I overflow

     each morning you're the brightest
     star shining in the highest
     heaven above -- creator of all I see
     and you love me

     each noonday youre the cool breeze
     that whispers through the shade trees
     touching my face -- your grace like a melody
     refreshes me

     each evening youre the sunset
     that paints a dark shilouette
     stroke of a brush -- a hush and the world lies still
     a quite thrill

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm working on a couple of blog posts... you know, the kind that touch me deep at heart and are really part of the reason I haven't blogged much lately. I've had a lot going on that I didn't feel I could quite yet share.

So I might be somewhat radio silent this week... Perhaps I'll put up some photos (now that I have a faster 'puter I'm able to edit some of the photos I've been putting off).

But next week, we'll get real again... after I have a few conversations... after I send a few e-mails... after I make sure the people who should find things out from me and not my blog find out from me.

That all sounded SO ominous! hahaha... rest assured it's not =o)

I'll leave you with a photo for today...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Have I Mentioned?

That these meds keep me WIDE AWAKE late at night?

Because they do... it's almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm not even close to tired... but you'd know I was sleepy if you could see how often I'm correcting my typing!

I'm working my way through AFI's top 100 Movie (original list) and I have one of the movies I'm not really interested in playing in the background right now. It's my second movie of the night and with the was I'm feeling, there could possibly be a third.


Work is going to be tough tomorrow...

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Feel

-calm but excited...
-nervous but intrigued…
-sad but motivated…
-anxious but calm…

There is so much going on in my brain that I can't actually seem to focus on any one piece of it at a time.

I hurt my back last Monday and I'm so angry and frustrated over it but at the same time God is opening up this door for new possibilities in my future and I don't think my brain can actually wrap around what can happen.

At the same time I can't help but think about it… to pray that I do a good job listening to Him and not just trying to do for me.

And I know none of this really makes any sense at all unless you're one if the like 5 people who know all if the truth that I'm just not ready to put out for the world yet; but I'm on these meds for my back and they make it so hard to sleep so I somehow find myself here and I'm confusingly rambling and I'm sorry for the crazy stuff coming from my fingertips I promise I'll explain what I can when I can if I can maybe someday when I'm making more sense…

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Is How I Die

Death by Civil War Reenactment.

A couple of weeks ago my friend R and I went to the Farmer's Market by the Courthouse on the downtown square of the town I live in. We were surprised as we walked from where we parked... there was gunfire... musket fire? What???

Random Civil War reenactment! The very first that I've been to where people "die"!! I was SO excited... so here's the abbreviated story of this battle according to my friend R:

Apparently the Northern troops at some point had captured and set up a base in the courthouse... then the Southern troops came and took it back. 3 days later, the Northern troops came back and took it for the rest of the war.

However.... the reenactment stopped after the Southern troops took it back (the south will rise again?) and I may have quietly whispered "don't worry boys, we come back to win this whole thing" and maybe my friend R started trying to teach me to properly say "y'all" because right around the time the northern troops were "captured" random people in the crowd who were not participants in the reenactment started yelling "Kill the Yankees!!", "Shoot 'Em!!", "Shoot the Yankees!!". Also there was this particular gentleman reenacting General Nathan Forrest Bedford.....

They wanted us gone. Want us gone?

Death by reenactment...