Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Random Text From Downers Grove...

I got a text message from a friend when I was on lunch. It said:

So I was at Yorktown today
and went to Caribou and
Curly still works there! Made
me think of you. ;-) Miss you!
Hope life is going well.
12:41pm 10/10/07

Here’s the quickest back-story I can give! Yorktown is a mall near my parent’s house. And Caribou is my FAVORITE chain coffee place. They have the best Soy Chai Latté’s that I’ve ever had! Curly… haha… we did know his name, although it escapes me now, but he had curly hair, so that’s what we called him before we knew his name, and it stuck =0) And the only reason we called him anything, was because I was completely attracted to him. Haha!! What can I say; he had tattoos and a motorcycle, and he knew how to flirt (with me anyway… haha) =0) what’s a girl to do?

Anyway, it got me thinking two things:

1. I wonder if he’s still a hottie, and if he’s still single? ;0)

2. Why in the world is he still working at Caribou? It’s kind of hard to believe that someone would be a barista for over 4 years without either a) a good reason or b) utter laziness. Wonder which it is??


Jennie said...

First off, you're hilarious.

Second off, why do we place sooooo much importance on one's occupation as if it has everything to do with his/her character or personality? I don't think one's contribution to humanity has to be correlated to his/her occupation.

Third off, I'm sure his staying there reflects his desperate hope that someday you'll walk through those doors again and then he'll finally sweep you off your feet as he's been meaning to all along.

Melinda_J said...

Your second is an interesting point... I wonder why we do that. I suppose when it somes right down to it, as a girl, I want to date/marry someone who is stable financially. I don't necessarily want to make more money than my husband (it's totally sexist, I know, but it's how I feel!) I guess ultimatly I want to be a stay at home mom and want to marry someone who would help to support my dream...

To point #3... I suppose I'll have to go there when I'm home for Christmas =0)

Jennie said...

re point 2: totally digging the stay-at-home-mom gig. Highly recommend it. My husband wants to be a stay at home dad so he can write, but I keep telling him I'm not a feminist. He's bummed. ;)

re point 3: What are you going to wear???

Melinda_J said...

re re point 2: Yeah... feminism... it's the antithisis of me! I like the idea of the husband coming home from work and I'll cook dinner and keep the house clean!!! It's fabulous =0)

re re point 2: I don't even know yet!! It'll have to be something super cute... time to go shopping!!!