Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chicago: A Study in Two Parts

Part I: Observation

[Mr. Overly-Tanned at Nashville's Airport] Yeah Dude she's having a baby, so we're having kind of a bachelor party...

[Metra Station Sign] "Children left unsupervised will be given two lattes and a free puppy"

[Shirt in a very democratic store] Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriends wife for president

[on the train] I took a rocket to the moon, and blew up a martian!

[also on the train] ...and all the girls painted their right thumbnail red, so they'd know it was their right hand; but the boys didn't want their nails polished, so we put X's on them and said "Aaarrrggghhh" like pirates...

[walking in the city] Bacon & Cheese

[a random Irish pub] All we have are really bad cookies

Part II: Conversational Tidbits

* There are only two reasons for cornfields:
1. Alien signs
2. 'Will You Marry Me' signs

* Sometimes they are one in the same...

* I've waited my entire life for a $4 bottle of liquor!!

* I can't believe we're really doing this...

* My hands are turning blue... I should probably go to the hospital

* Crystal, you'll never guess where we are!! DALLAS!!!
(Crystal's response: ARE YOU SERIOUS??)

* Look!! They're perfect parallel lines!

* I really feel like a dork today for wearing green.

* We saw Celtic Woman in Ireland where I started blogging and had lunch with Dick Cheney; It's not pretentious, it's a fact.

* I need one of those monkey's on my back.

* What time is it? I just wanted to tell you you're really pretty.

(there will be pictures following, but rubyred has already posted these)


rubyred the one and only: said...

Oh, yeah! Love it.

Jennie said...


I totally saw that tee-shirt, did a double take and almost peed in my pants!

Michigan Ave, right?

Melinda_J said...

Yep!! It was Michigan Ave... with a bunch-o-other dem shirts. And Irish shirts, but that was probably for St. Patty's day...