Monday, January 12, 2009


So... no resolutions. But perhaps some thoughts of things I need/want to do?

  • Drink more water! It’s not that I’m drinking tons of pop or anything, but I don’t get enough fluids during the day in general. You’re ‘supposed’ to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day, and I easily subsist on maybe a bottle of water and a can of diet caffeine free pop. So what’s that? Maybe 24 oz of fluids instead of 64oz?? Not so good.
  • Take a pottery class. Haha… this one is actually checked off starting tomorrow!! But, it is something I had planned on doing this year, and I found a class that is 10 weeks long, materials included for only $175 total!!! That is an amazing, non-pass-up-able price!! So, tomorrow 6:30-8:45pm begins the de-stressing fun!
  • Continue going to the gym 4 days a week. I started doing this maybe the end of October/beginning of November? Anyway, I want to continue doing it because while I end up sore often, and have killed my knee once already, it makes me feel really good! I think it could be addicting!
  • Spin class. With Crystal. Sunday’s at 3:15pm. I didn’t over-do it yesterday since my knee was still sore, but I am determined to get myself back up to par to keep up with everyone! The instructor is great and very encouraging, and I have a coworker who will bug me, so it’s good motivation!
  • Yoga. Also de-stressing. Are you seeing a pattern with this year? There are talks of a yoga night with the girl’s maybe every other week?
  • Save more money. This one will be tough as I have millions of weddings to go to. Not literally, but they are all within a month. Literally. I’m going to one wedding in the morning of a wedding I’m standing up in. Insanity. But R-Jo is really thankful, Rachel!
  • Pray about God’s focus for my life. I just get into this place so often where I’m discontent, and I am wondering if it’s because my focus in life is just not matched up to the focus Christ would have for me. Am I where I need to be? Do I need to pray for contentment because I’m not where I thought I’d be?

We’ll see where 2009 takes me… hopefully based on the things above, to a place of low stress and contentment. =o)

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