Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think:

… that I’m feeling rather opinionated today. (Where better to express that than my blog?)

… that my family is amazing & I don’t tell them often enough.

… that my stress levels are finally coming down to an acceptable level.

… that I’m going to miss traveling now that I won’t be for a few months.

… that both weddings I’ve been in over the past three weeks were quite lovely.

… that my BF & her new hubby’s (professional) photos are exceptionally beautiful.

… that flip flops are a totally appropriate form of footwear when it’s cold outside.

… that the older gentleman who told me Merry Christmas at work today was incredibly adorable.

… that I’m not only wearing my hair in a low side ponytail today, but I’m making it look GOOD!

… that the ground outside of a first lane drive up at any financial institution must look like a pen graveyard.

… that water actually tastes good (not just when I’m working out!)

… that I should workout even more than I already am.

… that I should tell my friends more often how grateful I am for them.

… that the “Pant’s on the Ground” guy is a genius and boys should listen to the wisdom in the lyrics!

… that 30 isn’t going to feel as old as it sounded when I was 15.

… that hearing about an earthquake in Chicago freaked me out a little bit.

… that I REALLY wanted to gush about the photo from my Wordless Wednesday yesterday, but it was wordless so I couldn’t.

… that it’s hysterical someone thought I had done ‘princess Leia’ hair for my roommate’s wedding.

… that I need to get on top of editing photos so I can do some wedding/snow/ice blog posts.

… that I would rather be at the gym right now instead of work.

… that I need to do some major spring cleaning in my bedroom.

… that my boss is very understanding about me not wanting to ‘float’ too far outside of Murfreesboro.

… nothing makes me feel older than the ‘lite/mix’ radio station playing music from when I was in high school

… the last statement I wrote is probably tied with kids I babysat getting their Masters Degree’s.

… this list is getting too long……

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