Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If I were to choose a least favorite month, January would be it. Its hard and stressful, work becomes extremely busy for at least the first two weeks and even more, I really miss my family.

It probably shouldn't be that bad. After all I just went to Chicago for 10 days at Christmas… how bad could it be?


There are young kids in my family and I love getting to sit to dinner with my parents; my sis-in-laws are amazing and now that we're "grown ups" my brothers and I have actual conversations about life. And getting to be there, getting to spend time there… it was 10 days! Life starts to become normal (minus my not going to work, ha!) babysitting with my parents and getting to meet up with a few friends somewhat randomly. No planning a month ahead of time, trying to fit in plans 15 minutes at a time… just living life.

I felt so blessed getting to spend time with people who have known me for more than a decade of my life, people who get past the surface level of me easily. People who call me out when I'm being ridiculous and talk with me about life and community and the need for depth…

January stings. Its a daily reminder of missing people that I love.

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