Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have no list this year... I didn't think about it long enough or soon enough.

I'm thankful for God and for my new church and dear friends... but this year I'm most thankful for getting to spend Thanksgiving with my parents!

Every other year my parents come to TN for Thanksgiving to see me and we cook and eat and stuff, but it's not about food.. it's about time spent with my parents. It's about hugs and laughter and helping them figure out things on their iPad; it's about playing Gin Rummy and Pinochle (competitively) and taking walks... but mostly it's about time.

I love my parents and I love that they love me so much they come here so I'm not without family every Thanksgiving.

I hope that you, blogging friends, are equally as blessed as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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kbg6709 said...

That is beautiful that your parents come to you! :) You ARE very blessed. I'm so happy that you are. (sorry I keep commenting on your blogs... I've just got to get back into blogging, I have too much staying in that I need to get or I'm gonna go crazy. soon...)
This made me smile, just wanted you to know that! :D

--Kristen G