Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Destin '07

I went to Destin, FL over Labor day weekend on a retreat with my singles group from my church...
It was so much fun = ) We had a GREAT view from the girls condo...

The beach was amazing...

We made up some random volleyball/basketball/ultimate frisbee gmae in the pool that kept us and the people around the pool (and on balconies) very entertained... hahaha!!! (Yes, that is a Wal-Mart volleyball we were using!)

We went to McGuire's Irish pub for dinner one night. It was a blast!

I highly reccomend it to anyone going to Destin. But I don't really reccomend the Garbage Burger. Ricky got it and about 5 other people tried it (I would have if it wasn't for the whole vegetarian thing... really!!) Basically the people in the kitchen go around to the different stations and put whatever they want on it. This one had (from what I remember) saurekraut, peanut butter, banana peppers, jalepenos, olives, maranara sauce, guacamloe, and cheese... there was probably more, but that's what I remmeber hearing... Props to those who ate this disgusting thing!!

I had to put this picture in because I took it, and it looks like something the condo's should use in a brochure!!

The guys at times seemed uninterested in it all, but it could have been that we were waiting to get seated for dinner at The Back porch (also fabulous!) I wasn't there for this pic because I had stupidly left my purse on the beach (thankfully nothing was taken!!)

I think it was The Angels that kept it safe(aren't they cute!)

Here's a fun picture of me Andrea and Rachel...

We were trying to reproduce a picture from when we... decorated?... Ali's house =0) Although we're obviously not as tan!!!

We loved the sun... some more than others! Here are some varying shades of tan... hahaha

Overall, Destin '07 was a blast! I'm looking forward forward to Destin '08!!

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Rachel Baby said...

I have to agree that picture of Jackie and me is awesome! I'll find the photographer for you! :)