Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This week I've had a hard time driving. My eyes have been watery and itchy and swollen… my BF was in town for the weekend and I had her drive my car to lunch on Sunday because I didn't think I could see well enough to get us there!

I have allergies. And worse than that, I wore contacts this weekend. And even worse I didn't use my allergy eye drops before putting in my contacts or take any allergy medication. In the winter, contacts are fine. They don't bother me and I have no troubles with them, but in the summer? I should know better…

So on Monday morning while I was driving my 26-mile-each-way drive to work… it was rough. I was squinting and uncertain, and my eyes just HURT. I prayed for the entirety of my drive, just begging God to get me to work safely. And He did. He's gotten me to and from work all week (my eyes are improving, but they're still sensitive to the light). But the whole situation; me don't doing what I should have to take care of my eyes, not being able to see, God protecting me; it got me thinking about a few things…

"How many seasons do we spend with our vision blurred to our sin?"

How often do we meander through life able to point out specks of problems in others lives when our eyes are blaringly red due to all of the irritation of sin in our own?

How often do we spend time begging God to get us safely through our lives when we are struggling with our sin?

And He does.

How blessed are we to have a heavenly Father who loves us even through our disobedience.

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Holli said...

Your eyes are looking better and don't forget to put shades over the glasses...who cares what it looks like atleast you see a bit better! Thanks for helping us out this week!