Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Hop: Christmas Ornaments

This is my second Christmas with my roommates! RubyRed and C have had three Christmas' together in the house, and who knows where we will be next year... except RubyRed, she's going to be with her husband =o) ... We've also made R-Jo an honorary roommate, even though she lives with her husband. But that's another story.

And that was all a long introduction to the not great pictures of the ornaments I'm displaying for you all today! They are pictures of our matching ornaments!!

yep.you read that right.matching.

This first is a set of bears we got when we all went to Gatlinburg together before we were roommates.

 The Candycanes, C picked up for us last year

And this year, R-Jo came over with these adorable penguin ornaments that I featured on a Wordless Wednesday just last week! (we 'tagged' ourselves as penguins)

I think it's fun knowing that we will always have a reminder of our Roommate Christmas's!

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