Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I was on a plane…

That’s how a lot of dreams start, right? You’re sitting on a plane and maybe it’s going down? Or you just start flying? Or you meet a stranger on a plane? Or there are snakes on the plane? Not my dream. In my dream I was on a plane flying to who-knows-where when I started to look around.

There were celebrities EVERYWHERE. And really I could only tell you one or two of them, but I somehow knew that all the rest were famous too.

(apparently I’m really calm and collected around famous people, ha)

So, all of the sudden Rachel was there. I don’t know where she came from but she was there and the plane was landing and we started RUNNING!! I mean at a sprint knocking people back into their seats (apparently we’re rude to famous people) shoving luggage out of the way and all in all trying to be the first people out of the plane because we were on a mission…

That mission?

We had to find a Christmas tree. HAD TO. It was a must and we knew if we didn’t hurry they would be gone and whatever we were trying to do would FAIL!!! So we ran and ran all over the airport/department store where we could buy a Christmas tree pausing only to look at a sign when we needed to when I realized I had an earpiece microphone thing in my ear and I was getting instructions from Marky Mark (yes, I know he goes by Mark Wahlberg now, but I don’t care). He’s telling me to go left or right and at some point we run into him and he and Rachel see the tree we need…………..

And I woke up.

Crazy dream, right?

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Tiffany said...

I was hit by 3 tornadoes last night, skimmed by 3 more and chased at least another 20. :) I was very tired when I woke up!