Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time for Me

We’re reading a book for work. It’s called Twice as Much in Half the Time. You’d think it was all about work and doing more more more more more… it’s actually not… surprisingly. I mean yes, it’s about time management and being more efficient, but as we were taking chapters for our book club (two chapters each… they’re a max of 4 pages) I was drawn to a couple specifically: Becoming Number 1 and Dividing: Giving Yourself the Best Part.

Specifically the later; I am notoriously bad at giving myself time for me. I plan things to do, often for others and generally whenever people ask… if I have a free slot in my schedule. Today I have been re-reading the book (especially my chapters) and I was struck again at this comment:

In order to make the best of your time,
in order to do twice as much in half the time,
You must take the time to recharge and be rejuvenated.

So… here’s a list of things I like to do for me (in no particular order): 
  1. Jam to music on my iPod at lunch. I stay at work all day… pretty much. I rarely even leave for lunch, and when I do it’s more often to run errands than it is going to lunch with someone. So when I stay in the office but I’m not working, I put in my earbuds, turn up the music, and JAM! I’m sure my coworkers see me, how could you not? Aerosmith or Janis Joplin to Newsboys or Jimmy Needham. You never know what will happen at random. Sometimes coworkers try to talk and begin conversations before they realize I can’t hear them, sometimes they ask me what I was lip-syncing to (generally Bobby McGee).
  2. I rent either action or cheesy movies. Jet Li? Check! Crying when I realize the older gentleman has Alzheimer’s? Check! Watching cars drive so fast I would get sick in real life if I were in them (even though I don’t like NASCAR)? Check! Watching people dance around trying to win a competition? Double check!! It’s my getaway, my escape… I *heart* cheesy and action movies.
  3. I do something creative. Arts & crafts are big wins for me and truth be told, a lot of my friends express themselves through different forms of art whether it be photography, painting or doodling. But I find that when I am in the midst of a project (refinishing furniture, making cards, or crocheting – soon to be added? Sewing!) I have this focus. Just me and the creativity; and sometimes, the music that becomes a soundtrack to create.
  4. Walk/running. Ok, this is new. It’s something I’m working towards and not always effectively. I’ve lost some weight since the beginning of the year and I need to start training for a half marathon in about 2 ½ months… so walk/running and someday, eventually, running. I’m hoping that through running I can get that same clarity and focus that I do during #3. All I know is that right now…… I don’t hate it.
  5. I go for a drive. Unfortunately oil prices are going up which means gas prices are going up which means that soon going for drives will be less than common. Which is sad. The open road is sometimes the best place to think. To scream along with songs on the radio. To talk/cry/laugh with God. To learn things about yourself that you aren’t usually alone and quiet long enough to learn. Needless to say, I’m looking very much forward to the long drive home from Chicago next month.
  6. I go to yard sales. This was actually in the book! The author goes to yard sales for her escape. I really enjoy going to them, but unlike the author of this book, I like to go with someone! Generally Rachel. I think it’s fun to find treasure out of someone else’s trash. One time I got free furniture, one time an old bunt pan that seemed to be made of a seriously thick aluminum; one time I got a Polaroid camera! Then I went to a flea market and got Polaroid film!! WIN WIN WIN!! Oh… flea markets are as good as yard sales, also with others. I think they’re both good to go to with others because you occasionally need someone to see the outrageous “thing” you don’t understand someone owning in the first place!
What do you do for you, blog friends? There must be something good……

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