Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Want To Be An Extreme Couponer

Have you seen this show on TLC? Extreme Couponing! It’s INSANE. People are out there buying $1800.00 worth of groceries for around $45! Now, where I get really confused by them is the reasoning behind why anyone in their right mind would need to have 64 bottles of mustard in their house… or 60 bottles of hot sauce… or enough paper towel rolls to fill a bathtub/shower.


I would love to do it because I realized something… getting all of those groceries and such for so cheap (even if I was closer to the people that spend $15 on $700 worth of groceries)… I could take what I could actually use/need and give the rest to soup kitchens or food pantries…

That would be AWESOME!

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LifetimeRacer said...

They actually showed this one guy who got a tower of Wheaties and donated them to his church's food pantry - it was like 1,000 boxes... crazy! Then they showed him again and he got a whole bunch of stuff that was donated to the troops. I love that show.