Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Call Me Martha

A good friend of mine called me Martha Stewart after I posted a photo of my first ever made-from-scratch marble cake… well really… my first ever marble cake! It was surprisingly easy and pretty moist! You just make the batter and split it in half adding melted chocolate into one half of it! I think if I do make this recipe again, I would add a little bit more melted chocolate to the chocolate cake half so the cake would look a little darker and taste a little more chocolatey. Maybe 4 oz of chocolate instead of 3. Or maybe bittersweet instead of semi-sweet? I’ll have to play around with it sometime. The recipe I used is from here. I also made 2- 9 inch (8 inch? I can’t remember my pan sizes! Oops!) cakes in order to make a layered cake, but that was my own edit since the recipe showed 1- 10 inch round, 3 inch tall cake… It was PLENTY of batter for both or my pans!
After they were cooked and cooled and ready, I wanted to decorate the cake to match the plates/napkins/cups that we were using for my coworker’s baby shower… 
(aren’t they cute!) So that meant looking for a great chocolate frosting recipe. Also something I never attempted before! My friend PC was out of town and I didn’t want to bother her for her recipe, so after a little bit of Googling, I found out that William-Sonoma had some frosting (and other) recipe’s on their website! I figured since I was going to use their chocolate butter cream, I would use their regular butter cream as well, for colored polka dots =o)
Melting chocolate for two separate parts of this cake made me dream of having a real double boiler instead of my make-do makeshift metal bowl on top of a pot faux double boiler, but it worked… and the frosting turned out well...
 as did the cake!

A coworker told me I was the Queen of Cake… I guess that makes me:

Martha Stewart, Queen of Cake

Come back sometime tomorrow to see my other weekend Martha moment ;o)