Friday, May 25, 2012

Making a Playlist

I'm a music junkie... I would probably be a music hoarder if it wasn't for the fact that I can keep all of my music digitally filed on one little device. Yay for iPod's!

This week, on my lunch breaks at work (when we took them) I worked on going through all of my music... don't ask how much... to make a road trip play list. This time the play list is titled Homeward Bound (and it naturally starts with Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel). It's fun making a play list and hard. You have to try to decide what kind of music will fit your mood or will have the right beat... I was looking for "fun to sing along with" more than anything. And I realized something.......

So many of the songs that I love to sing along with... so many songs I know are only because of my friends. Friends from both my IL and TN homes. I'm so happy that I know these people. That they are a part of my life. That I have friends who not only enrich my life musically, but who have themselves become a part of the soundtrack of my life.

I am so blessed.

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