Monday, March 25, 2013

Diagnosis: Rosacea

I don’t know what to say. I’ve been processing this for the last month since I was officially diagnosed, but really for a few months before that. A few months spent (correctly) self diagnosing my Rosacea.

The processing involved disbelief and anger and a lot (A LOT) of tears. I finally pulled myself together (let’s be honest… I’m still pulling myself together) and finally made a doctor’s appointment to get diagnosed.

Basically Rosacea is a skin rash. Red and flushing… sometimes bumps that unfortunately look like pimples… I started questioning my own vanity… That was hard for me. I’m that girl that will go to a grocery store right after a hard workout or still wearing pj’s on a Saturday. I almost never wear make-up… I’m really comfortable with that. But here I am with a diagnosis of a skin issue that will cause me to look red, flushed… all of the sudden I became an emotional wreck. I started thinking about getting back into the swing of everyday makeup and overcompensating for the red.

I cried and I cried… Then I started talking to my mom more and asking for more advice (and got some amazingly encouraging emails). I started researching and learning. The person in me who prefers organic foods and homemade cleaning supplies got excited at the thought that it can be at least mostly controlled by avoiding food and environmental triggers… I really don’t like taking pills… the Chicagoan in me started mourning pizza.

So today is day one; my first day of starting an elimination diet. Trying to determine my food triggers and get rid of them, hoping that I won’t have to take medication on a regular basis, knowing that it won’t be easy.

Time to learn what real discipline is…..


Emmett Gallows said...

My cousin has Rosacea and he's learnt to deal with it so well you can hardly tell it's there, it's very doable. Sorry you have to eliminate pizza though... Bad times... Good luck!

Mom said...

You won't have to eliminate pizza, Honey. It will become a special treat (in smaller portions) once you have the rosacea under control. Just remember that God is in control. He will teach you what is best for you as you honor Him.

Cinta said...

Time to learn what real discipline is….. (I like this, it show commitment)