Friday, November 23, 2007

A day late…

but hopefully not a dollar short... I am working after all! =0)

Things I’m Thankful For:

- A God that shows his love in an abundance of ways.
- Parents that understand why I live so far away even though they don’t like it.
- The very adorable Chloe and Cash… and the fact that they are both healthy kids.
- Brothers that are cool now that we’re grown-ups! Haha
- Sister-in-laws that I love like actual sisters
- A best friend that I can pick up the phone and talk to like we don't live in different states and sometimes haven't talked in weeks.
- Friends that allow me to dress up like an 80's rock star and play the rude liar in a murder mystery dinner.
- Not working retail anymore on Black Friday!!!! =0)
- A group of girls that I refer to as my "core". They know me better then I know myself.
- A job that lets me be Pink Floyd for Halloween! (I need to get that picture to post)
- A church that is wonderful at acting as my family when I’m missing my actual family.
- Cute red shoes
- Stores that respect Thanksgiving and don't blare Christmas music starting on Halloween.
- People who need to cash checks... they keep me in a job!!!
- Coworkers that make me laugh… especially when I’m annoyed at the Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
- Thanksgiving Day leftovers (why do they seem to be better after Thanksgiving is over??)
- Friends that’ll hang out on Thanksgiving so I’m not completely alone.
- Not working retail today... aka Black Friday =0)
- Jeans that fit better the day after Thanksgiving then they did the day before!
- Online shopping for Christmas presents.
- Being able to wear jeans at work on Friday
- Seeing my debt get smaller every month.
- Having parents that are able to help me out when I need them.
- People in my life that keep me sane even when life gets crazy/depressed/weird/sad/stupid/frustrating/annoying/boring/etc...
- A boss that truly cares about me and what is going on in my life.
- The easy communication of e-mail which gives me the ability to talk to friends and family all over the country and see pictures of my cute niece and nephew that I only actually see a couple of times a year.
- The freedom to openly demonstrate my faith without persecution from my government.
- This country's armed forces... especially those missing out on spending the holidays with their families so they can risk their lives for our freedom.
- A car that gets me from my starting point to my destination without breaking down.
- An apartment with washer/dryer hookups... I strongly dislike Laundromats!!
- Gas prices getting higher and higher (oops... wrong list!)
- People shopping the day after Thanksgiving (on which I don't work retail). It keeps them away from the bank and allows me a slow day! Quite the antithesis of Black Friday, huh?
- First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Westchester. The best bank ever! It's no longer in existence, but it gave me a solid foundation for my current job.
- Lowes. Working there makes me really appreciate working here!
- Have I mentioned not having to work retail after Thanksgiving??? Not even just the day, but the entire holiday season?? It was such a horrible thing to have to do!!
- Blogspot... it give me the opportunity to write all this stuff that may or may not be read by people I know... or don't know...

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving spending time with family and friends!!

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Jennie said...

I'm thankful for you, babe!

Happy Turkey & Holly Jolly!