Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Paczki Day! (or Shrove Tuesday...or Fat Tuesday... or Mardi Gras...)


Jennie said...

Oh man, I gave up sugar for lent and this photo is NOT helping my cause.

I have a seriously unhealthy relationship with sugar. But, I've been clean for 37 hours and 9 minutes, so far :)

Melinda_J said...

I'm sorry =0( But it was Paczki Day and I live no where near a good bakery (you know what I mean by this). This picture reminded me of home!!

My mom/dad/brother/sis-in-law all gave up desserts one year... they did ok, except my dad really wanted ice cream the whole time (it's his favorite).

You'll do great!!

Jennie said...

5 days into [no-sugar] lent.

boy, those pastries are lookin' better than ever!

*salivates, wipes chin and looks around nervously to make sure no one is watching*