Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kindergartner suspended for Mohawk haircut

What is going on with today's educational system?? I was reading an article on today about this 6 year old boy who's mom refused to get his hair cut differently and the school suspended him for having "distracting hair".

Are you kidding me??

Since when is it ok to suspend someone for choice of haircut? What about their education?? I get that he's in kindergarten, and he's young, but a good education needs a good foundation to grow on. That's what kindergarten is about a strong foundation.

At least that's what it should be about.

Now, I'm not saying the school was the only one wrong in their decision making. It was the third warning the young man's mother had received, and if she really wanted her son enrolled in that school she should have complied with their wishes. Instead it seems she made his faux-hawk the center of a faux-controversy.

Cut your kids hair if your school requests it.

And don't suspend a kid for his hair cut... especially if he's only 6!


Aaron said...

I want a Faux-hawk...

Melinda_J said...

I think you should go for it.