Monday, June 2, 2008

2nd Annual Memorial Day Weekend at the Dancing Dog B&B

Here are some thoughts for the days...

*Hi Ho.... Bye Ho...
*On your brochure, you promised free overnight loving in the garage, but when we got there it was full...
*Rest your lips against a pillow.
*El Mariachi's punch! Is it papaya? guava? mango?? How good is your palate??
*When in Arkadelphia, be sure to visit Aaron's college campus for the chance to see the Flippen-Perrin and Mabee Fine Arts buildings!
*Enchanted (while I actually almost called this movie enchanting, I realized how very dumb I sounded but thought I'd let you make fun of me anyway) let's just say... "eeett's goood"

*Aaron makes very yummy pancakes!
*Petanque would have been even more fun if not for the humidity in the morning (doh!)
*Barat's and Bereta (YES! Family Values!!) & Home Star Runner followed by Aaron's iTunes and some dancing
*Who gets competitive playing Rumikube??
*27 Dresses. I have to write a little something here... I love this movie! Benny and the Jets, she's got electric boobs... It's hysterical!! But I think my favorite part of watching it this weekend, was watching everyone else watch it for the first time (except RubyRed; she'd seen it before)! Knowing what was coming up and hearing RachelBaby, Aligato, Aaron and Papa John laugh loudly at the same time! Loved it!

*Strip Mall Baptist was fantastic. Aaron really found a great place to worship!
*Instead of going out to eat, we cooked with/for each other. I think everyone helped in some way and it was really good! Props for the slightly spicy homemade mac-n-cheese goes to RubyRed. I think we all had seconds!
*Ali kicked our "tay's" (guessing at the spelling) at Attack Uno
*Donnie and Lori joined us in the evening for grilling in and games.
*The boys winning at Battle of the Sexes
*Aaron almost beating all the rest of us at Battle of the Sexes (if we hadn't gotten a "go to the end" wildcard, he would have!)
*Having what I'm told is referred to as a 'sanging' after Donnie and Lori left. It all started with *"God of Earth and Outer Space" and turned into a great time of true worship. Thanks for starting it Aaron (you need to post the lyrics to your favorite hymn!)

*Back on the road again... to jobs and homes and things that needed our attention. Thanks' so much Aaron, for opening up the Dancing Dog B&B for a weekend of relaxation. And, on a personal note, thanks for the 'Becky Dip' Burgers... it was nice of you to think of it...

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