Thursday, June 19, 2008

Appropriate for Children of All Ages...

or is it?

On Sunday I was helping with the 1's during extended session (which is a fancy way of saying it was my turn to help watch the kids during church), when I was looking at the books we had in the room. I noticed a book called 365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories and decided to take a look.

Would you read these stories to your kids at night??

David's lookin' pretty... happy... there isn't he?

But here he is cutting the head off of Goliath... fierce

I thought I'd add the story of Stephen Stoned to Death for your reading pleasure...

Stephen gave to council a meaningful speech. Beginning from Abraham, he traced the history of the Jewish people. But the council became enraged. "Your ancestors persecuted every prophet," Stephen said. "These prophets predicted that Christ would come. And now you're his murderers." With a shout they rushed him. "Look," Stephen said, "the heavens are opened. There's Jesus standing next to God." They covered their ears and dragged him from Jerusalem. There Stephen was stoned to death. "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit, " he prayed. Then he knelt saying, "Don't hold this sin against them." And then Stephen died.
Questions: What did Stephen see in heaven? What did he pray about the people who stoned him to death?

Would your one-year old understand??

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