Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, thanks to a coworker of mine, RubyRed and I were able to go to the Nashville Symphony this past weekend! It was AWESOME!! While there we (again) discussed the lighting they have there. I think it's industrial with an olt timeish feel. I think it has to do with the globes they used. I'm not saying I'd use it in my house, but I really think they look good!

What do you think??
Here are two pictures (one I think is a drawing of the plans, and has the lights unlit. The other is from this weekend...)


Jennie said...

I feel passionately about chandeliers! I must say, I haven't seen ones like these previously. I like how they're not super ornate yet elegant. That's a fresh feeling.

So, have you installed them in your ballroom yet? ;)

MJ said...

no... but I will!!! hahaha

What do you have hanging in your ballroom??