Friday, August 19, 2011


What are your plans for the weekend, blog friends? Anything big and fun? Relaxing? Celebratory?

Today is my beautiful niece C's birthday and I can't believe she's 6!!! Of course, I still need to get her present in the mail, but I've never been the best at 'on time' ;o) It's on my plans for this weekend...

I have to work tomorrow, but then I'm going to do my best to make it to the post office to mail C's present, a USB of some photos to my uncle, and some netflix movies... then I need to drop off my rent and go to the grocery store and then to the butcher...

That made me feel a little Olde Timey to say... going to the butcher... but I'm excited! My awesome coworker PB gave me her old stand mixer (my very first ever!)

I used it to make this cake, which was also my first time trying to use fondant (it was made from scratch!)...
I painted it with a food coloring/vodka mix which was like watercoloring! It turned out ok... not my best by a long shot... but it tasted good (per all of my coworkers!)

But back to the Butcher... One of the attachments that came with the mixer was a meat grinder! AND after talking to my Mom, I got a recipe that she found written in my Grandpa S's handwriting for Polish Sausage!! I'm going to make it... I also might make a sweet bread for PB (from a recipe she loves and hasn't had in years) for giving me the mixer and a quick batch of gum drops because they looked so cute and quick on Bakerella's website!

Be prepared for some future photo baking blogs =o) I hope you have as fun a weekend as I'm planning to have!

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Anonymous said...

Dad said you should send us some gum drops; I agree. Very cute indeed!
Have fun making them, Joy!!!