Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Figured

I figured.

Two very small words that don't often mean very much. Just a mini figure of speech. Really… I wonder how many times I've uttered that statement; even out of disgust.

This week. This week it was a phrase that made me smile. It gave me joy. This week it was used as an affirmation towards me and I really appreciated it… appreciate it.

I'm house sitting this week in a house that's for sale (it brings back memories). Sunday it had a showing. I had to be out so they could be in. No big deal really. I got a text from the realtor and confirmed right before I went in to church that morning. When I left church I had a voicemail; my coworker making sure I had gotten the text from their realtor. I responded something like this:

Hey! Sorry I was at church when you called and my phone was off… (blah blah blah).

The response?

figured you would be (…)

She figured…

I like that I'm known for being a Christ follower.

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