Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today I Work

Outside the weather is beautiful. About 85 degrees, a few clouds in the sky. Maybe a little more humidity than we like, but from the inside looking out, it's fantastic.

I'm at work.

Just down the street from my office, there's a Saturday Farmer's Market open and, by the number of cars around, thriving. It's so fun to be there and people watch and smell the fresh produce in the air. You can get heirloom tomatoes and peppers, organic freshly ground wheat flour ground in a few different ways depending on your baking needs. Flowers and baked goods.

It's a community event and its so fun to be at and people watch and take photos at... I can't wait to go this year! It's only been open for two weeks, but I haven't yet been able to be there.

Instead I work. Thinking about walking around our cute little square and looking at the pretty things all in a row.

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