Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Is How I Die

Death by Civil War Reenactment.

A couple of weeks ago my friend R and I went to the Farmer's Market by the Courthouse on the downtown square of the town I live in. We were surprised as we walked from where we parked... there was gunfire... musket fire? What???

Random Civil War reenactment! The very first that I've been to where people "die"!! I was SO excited... so here's the abbreviated story of this battle according to my friend R:

Apparently the Northern troops at some point had captured and set up a base in the courthouse... then the Southern troops came and took it back. 3 days later, the Northern troops came back and took it for the rest of the war.

However.... the reenactment stopped after the Southern troops took it back (the south will rise again?) and I may have quietly whispered "don't worry boys, we come back to win this whole thing" and maybe my friend R started trying to teach me to properly say "y'all" because right around the time the northern troops were "captured" random people in the crowd who were not participants in the reenactment started yelling "Kill the Yankees!!", "Shoot 'Em!!", "Shoot the Yankees!!". Also there was this particular gentleman reenacting General Nathan Forrest Bedford.....

They wanted us gone. Want us gone?

Death by reenactment...

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