Thursday, April 3, 2008

At Last...

Nope, my love is not here to stay... but I don't mind waiting when I have such amazing friends! Like friends that take random trips to Chicago!!

Here are some pics, as previously promised...

Me in front on "The Bean"

The Funniest T-Shirt in a shop window

On our way to the Symphony Center

(I like the way it's almost grainy and old fashioned)

The BEST Store ever!!!

(At least it was)

The store formerly known as Marshall Fields

Our WTF moment

My cousin from Georgia (Jessica) happened to be in town, too!

And... We got to hang with my friend Greg!! =0)
(I'm sure he'll love that I put up this pic!)

1 comment:

G Money said...

Awesome, Joy. And I do like the pic you put up of me. I almost forgot you took it, but now all your adoring blog readers see the good-looking side of me (vs. my ridiculously good-looking side.)