Monday, April 21, 2008

World Market

A couple of weeks ago, RubyRed and I went to World Market, one of the newer stores to make it to The Avenue; and oh, the things we found!!

Now some things, they have are really nice! I’m a big fan of a bunch of their furniture and some of their lighting, etc… but check out some of the more interesting things we found…

Is it a basket? A purse? I don’t know… but I bet it’ll hold a lot of things!
Light up flowers?? I think I’ll carry them when I get married!!
What is this you ask??
It’s a Tri-colored Yard of Popcorn!
Mini Tabasco anyone?
It was found in the isle of mini’s (not the car) which included…
…my personal favorite mini-nutella! (with mini-nutella spreaders)
And my not-so-favorite… Lobster pate (with cognac).
And the next aisle over… all things jellied!
Followed by: Cracked Pepper Smoked Salmon. They also had original if the pepper doesn’t appeal to you.
Kewpie Mayo anyone??
RubyRed wanted this book (can you blame her?)
Yo... they’re pies (in case you weren’t sure)
Then we found the Bubble up next to the Nesbitts…

And for its very own special section… The World Market Candy Aisle!

Sauerkraut… in candy form??
Ooo… white mouse candy!
In case you’re unable to read this, it is “Oops a-daisy… The super pocket pooper” Who is buying this???
Come to think of it, I see knock-off ginger chews everywhere!

This is a little cheaper then botox...
...but this is for a boo-boo...
...and this is in case of emergency.
Do you think these really work Dr. Ward and RachelBaby??

Some of these items were purchased my either myself or RubyRed.

I’m not telling which…



rubyred the one and only: said...

Oh, the amazing randomness! The astonishing jellies! The miraculous mini foods! The bizarre candies!

Wold Market.
Your goods
astonish me.

Rachel Baby said...

Personally, I think Gumi-Aid is my favorite! :)

Aaron said...

You had me at Mini-Nutella...

Tami said...

I'm trying to imagine you walking around World Market taking pictures! LOL! You crack me up! I was just by there a couple of weeks ago and was wondering what World Market was. Thanks for the pictures and product descriptions!