Monday, April 28, 2008

"Ghetto Fabulous Low Rider Furniture"

Here's how the story goes:

On Saturday I was working at our Church St., and the nearby subdivision of Indian Hills was having a huge subdivision garage sale (there were a LOT of houses involved). Well, a client comes in and is talking to one of my coworkers about all the stuff his wife is selling/trying to get rid of when he mentions that they are selling a Loveseat, Sofa, and chair for $10 apiece. I hadn't really been listening but when I realized he was talking about furniture, I asked him about it (seeing as how all I had was a really old laz-y-boy - it's the one I recovered a couple of months ago!).

He repeated to me again what he had and said they're 3 for $9. In matter of 30 seconds he dropped the price $21!! So, I start asking him what they look like, etc... and he says "What do you care what they look like?? They're free!!"

That's how I got free furniture on Saturday... My coworker Shelley hauled it over in her trailer with some help and Papa John came over to help us bring it into my apartment on Sunday afternoon.

They're really comfortable!! RachelBaby and RubyRed can both vouch for that!! but...let's just say... I need slipcovers...

The duct tape was my addition, and I think it adds a certain amount of panache.


Aaron said...

Love the duct tape - very MartinCrane-esque!

jenny said...

love the furniture. i got some to match only mine doesn't have cool tape like yours! i'm a little jealous.