Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Melting Pot

Here was my plan for Monday:

-Home to change
-Home to relax

Here is what I did instead:

-Home to change
-Melting Pot
-Home to relax

Do you see the big difference between those two?

Yep, you guessed it... instead of hitting the gym for an hour I went out to eat. But it was worth it to have a girls night out! I went with Patty and Karen, and we had a BLAST! I even remembered (not until dessert) that I had a camera in my purse (also known as my phone), so I took a couple of pictures.

Patty & Karen

I played with the "blast" feature on my camera, it takes four shots in a row, and here it is in a filmstrip-type fashion.
The plates-o-desserts to dip into...
...the "Ying-Yang" goodness! It was dark and white chocolate; and simply delicious!

So thanks, Patty, for making me realize that it was a good thing to skip the gym and go eat chocolate! It was definitely worth it =0)

*I should probably mention that Monday was considered "Girls Night Out" at the Melting Pot (although aparently Karen and Patty didn't know that when they decided to go). So $25 of each of our dinners went to St Jude's, The Women's Fund and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.*


Rachel Baby said...

Good times - out with the girls! Yummy food! :)

rubyred the one and only: said...


Tami said...

Darn it! You've got me drooling now even though I was just there on Saturday. :p BTW, great picture of the Ying-Yang dessert! It looks like something from a brochure. Glad you had a good time with the girls!