Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving: 2009

It's Thanksgiving!! Are you surprised? I'm thinking not since I've been blogging about it all week! So here it is, blog friends. The 'List of Thankfulness" for 2009, in no particular order... You're excited, I can feel it! Haha

  • God's sovereignty 
  • The blessing of Godly parents who trust God (and trust that their daughter trusts Him, too!) 
  • 2 brothers that have become pretty cool over the last few years
  • 2 amazing sis-in-law's (they're cooler then my brothers. Haha)
  • The ever endearing CG, DC, CJ, and (very newly born) EB
  • My best friend being alive and well!!
  • Zumba! Fun Latin/hip hop/dance workout. Yay for having fun while burning lots of calories!
  • My roomies RubyRed & BrooklynCS. They've both been there for me this year as God is teaching me much while giving me brokenness. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulders!
  • Authentic friends that are as close as family.
  • Not working retail on Black Friday!!!
  • Church family that tag team you to convince you that you need to join them for Thanksgiving dinner (I prefer Thanksgiving alone, somehow it's less lonely, but I did cave at stopping by in the evening for dessert) 
  • Books about string theory and God's existence. 
  • RED shoes!!
  • Mentoring relationships
  • The smell of fresh cut grass in the summer
  • Thanksgiving leftovers!! So much better on day's 2,3,4…
  • Photography blogs. They help me dream of what I might be able to do when I someday own my very own DSLR camera. Someday….. *big dreamy sigh*
  • Jeans day's at work!
  • Shopping online and small boutiques for Christmas presents. It is so much better than the mad crush of shoppers.
  • Our country's Military. Many are giving up their Thanksgiving with their families to keep our freedom. Have you thanked them lately?
  • Coworkers that can make me laugh even on a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (maybe I should move to Australia{how I hope you get that reference})
  • The rain we had to deal with at the beginning of fall. The leaves have turned such beautiful colors this year!
I'm sure I could keep this list going on and on blog friends, but I'm going to stop right now.

I'd love to hear what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving, so comment away and let me know!

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