Friday, November 20, 2009

Why’d You Have to go and Make Things so Complicated

Do you ever wonder why people are afraid to pray in front of others? Do you notice it when you're out to eat with friends at a restaurant… do you play the "thumbs up" game to see who has to pray? Why don't we volunteer? What is it about speaking to our Savior that is so scary?

Is it us? Is it the people we're with? Do we think people are judging our words? Like what we say just isn't going to be good enough… Like we need to be the most eloquent of speakers for God to really hear us and listen? Or do we need to be eloquent for our friends to be o-so-impressed by us?

In the recent past, I rented You Can't Take it with You and was struck by the sincerity of the dinner prayers of the grandfather. He just talked to God:

Grandpa : [offering grace] Quiet, please, quiet! Well, sir, here we are again. We've had quite a time of it lately, but it seems that the worst of it is over. Course, the fireworks all blew up, but we can't very well blame that on you. Anyway, everything's turned out fine, as it usually does. Alice is going to marry Tony; Mr. Kirby, who's turned out to be a very good egg, sold us back our house - he'll probably forget all about big deals for a while. Nobody on our block has to move; and, with the right handling, I think we can even thaw out Mrs. Kirby here. We've all got our health; as far as anything else is concerned, we still leave that up to you. Thank you.

How incredibly simple is that!!

I hope you talk to God today. He wants to hear from you…

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