Monday, March 22, 2010

Baking Craftiness: I Get Inspired...

Every single time I visit I Am Baker. Every time there is inspiritation overload! I read the blog and see the photo’s and instantly want to go home and try my hand at whatever it is she had created!

But the day I saw this post, it was just before throwing a wedding shower for A. And I always wanted to try out decorating cookies with Royal Icing. And I was apparently feeling very brave… I used Amanda @I Am Baker’s sugar cookie & icing recipe and I found a very detailed ‘how-to’ at Sweetopia’s site here! Of course Amanda also has a great tutorial up as well right here… it just wasn’t up until after I made A’s cookies!

Let me start by saying the sugar cookie recipe was delicious! Not overly sweet, they complimented the icing recipe very well! My friend R-Jo came over to help me decorate them, and I think we did a pretty good job for our first time! What do you think?

(R-Jo's Masterpiece's)
(we made this one specifically for A. The initial's represent her and her new hubby. It was a joint effort that we were really quite proud of!)

We were so nervous, I think it took us 4 hours to finish decorating them, but I will definitely try making them again! Hopefully I’ll have a reason to soon…


Andrea said...

And they were wonderful! You could taste the love and meticulous care in icing.

I just wish I could have enjoyed more. I was pretty full and a little nervous after the rehearsal dinner, so my tummy couldn't fit more than a couple bites!

Joy said...

Thanks, friend =o) Hopefully I'll have a reason to make some more soon and you can actually have a couple =o)

Amanda said...

WOW!! This was your FIRST time?? I am VERY impressed!! You should see *my* first attempts.. it was not pretty!

I am just so thrilled that you tried something new and put your whole heart in it and really gifted someone else with your passion and creativity! You are a wonderful friend!!

Thanks so much for mentioning me!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the tree and the coffee cup ones! Great job :-D