Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mental Health Day

Have I told you, FBR's*, how much I like my boss (M)? I really do. She's very caring and concerned and she just wants us to be happy and healthy and she doesn't just mean that about our work situations.

(*faithful blog readers)

She cares about our lives outside of work.

She cares about me.

So yesterday when I went to her office to ask what she needed me to do, she asked how I was doing. I think I said, "Ok. I mean everything at work is fine." She responded by asking how I was. So I told her… and held back a few tears…

I was having a rough time. As busy as I've been as much as I've been doing; somewhere along the line, I feel like I lost me. Like I don't know who I am, my purpose… I kind of lost who I was. In a conversation with my (former) roommate A, I think she summed it up well…

A: the past 1-2 years has revolved around big life change events for a lot of the people close to you
A: you've poured yourself into those events, even when you struggled with wanting "you" time
A: it's defined you
A: now it's time to find a definition that doesn't involve preparing someone for a wedding.

So M, upon hearing this, looked at me and told me point blank that she wanted me to go home for the day. That she wanted me to take a 'mental health day'. That I was not allowed to do anything for anyone else, and that I was only allowed to do things for myself. It was my job for the day. It wasn't easy… I immediately thought about cleaning the house or taking soup to a sick friend. I thought about seeing if my (moving out) roommate needed help with anything, but then I remembered M telling me that I needed to focus on myself for once.
So I did! It was AMAZING!!!

  • Got a pedicure
  • Got a massage
  • Went to see The Book of Eli
  • Painted pottery (tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday)
  • Ate dinner at Chili's
By far it was one of the best "me" days I think I've ever had.

 All thanks to my boss and my forced mental health day. =o)


Tiffany said...

It's funny that even though we are not help by the law, the Sabbath is one that He gave us for a reason too! Why do we think that we don't need to take a day off when even God does!?

I'm with you girl! I don't know if I could do it without being forced as well :)

Amanda said...

I hope that you were able to rejuvenate your spirit... and let Gods supernatural strength seep into your being!

You are SUCH a special and unique and talented child of God!