Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet Mato

That’s pronounced May-doe. Like tomato without the ‘to’ (and yes, I do realize that I accidentally just quoted Mater from Cars).

I name things… inanimate objects, plants, things in my life. They have names. And I realized that I should think about introducing you to them. Do you want to meet them? I’ll start with the newest addition to my life.

This is Mato. He is a cherry tomato plant! I got him from my coworker Barb (who loves that I name things!)… I think she has a greenhouse and she gives away some tomato plants every year. This year I got one!! It’s new for me… planting things, and I’m going to plant more things in a community garden that my friends and I are having at my friend Mike’s house… but that’s a whole other post. For now, back to Mato…

He’s pretty, isn’t he?

He has strong roots and a good stem. And a very nice pot that I got at Kroger!

I can't wait until these little flowers turn into little tomatoes!

I’ll need to get a cage or a stake to help him grow big and tall and strong, but for now, He’s free =o) and enjoying living in my backyard where he is half shaded and half sunned!

**update: Mato and I just got 2 new additions to the tomato family! I'll introduce you to them as I get photos!**

Stay tuned for the next few weeks as I introduce you to more ‘friends’!

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Andrea said...

What an adorable addition to the family! ;-)