Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Lame Am I??

I really just posted up a new wordless Wednesday ost for tomorrow. If I didn't post right now, that would have been 3 wordless posts in a row!! What a faliure I would have been. I'm so sorry, my awesome blog readers... I will continue to try to do better.

I do hope you will like tomorrow's wordless. It's a picture I took with my cell phone and then made black and white and it looks o-so-pretty!! I took it near my friends house on this crazy dead end up a slightly steep hill (not so steep you were huffing and puffing, but still...). There are these hay fields and crazy weeds and this silly little black cat and grapevines and barbed wire fences all around you... you'll just have to look at my blog tomorrow to see which view I'm choosing to share.

Speaking of views, I went back to his house on Sunday with R-Jo to take pictures of the area and the community garden! I'm very excited and as soon as I can get some of the photos edited, Ill be sharing them with you, faithful readers, because you deserve to see them. You do. I mean it! Even when things in my life get rocky and I feel like a bum and I don't want to blog, you're still there. Checking to see if I actually posted something; and lately that's been a big ole nope.

So here's to you, blog friends, the few and hopeful. A post. haha... I obviously have tomorrow's all set to go, but I'm also working on telling you about a few new up-and-coming things that are happening in my life, so check back the rest of the week. I'm hopeful that you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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