Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Stream of Consciousness

I am so tired this morning blog friends… I would love nothing more than to curl up on my bed/couch/chair and go back to sleep for a few more hours. I turned 30 on Thursday and after a wonderfully full day, I left that night for a weekend in New Orleans and now I’m pooped. And I have so many things I need to catch up with on this blog! I have all kinds of photos edited from Memphis, Fall Creek Falls and RubyRed’s birthday and now I’m working of photos from New Orleans… I’m hoping to have them all caught up as quickly as I can; especially since it’s almost July! I’m trying very hard to be (at least) a Monday – Friday blogger. We’ll see how that goes. I know the only day I am always consistent on is Wednesday and I’m working on that =o)

This summer has been slammed packed with everything going on. And I’m only anticipating more to come. I can’t wait to take more photos of our little Community Garden, of how well its coming along and what kinds of goodies are growing. Speaking of growing I have to go and check on my little Mato and his brother (who I have kind of started calling Ted… we’ll see if it sticks). I wonder how they’re holding up after a weekend of me being gone…

4th of July is coming up and some little projects Ill share with you. I’m getting to go home to visit my family for my niece CG’s 5th birthday and I’m anticipating seeing some fantastic friends while I’m there… I’ve been a running slacker but this week I am going to remind myself about how much I started to enjoy it and how much it will help be keep to #7 and I’m going to push myself. Even if I end up walking most of this 5k, I want to do it. And then maybe I’ll run the next and then run more after that…

I’m dreaming of my next future vacation (sometime next year, I’m sure) and I think it needs to be to the beach off of an ocean… or maybe Canada

Where do you dream of???


♥emma stormy♥ said...

I don't have any dreams any longer for when I do they go to someone else. So I've given up on any of my dreams for my life. Things will always just be this way with me and nothing changing. Some days I don't know if the stress will ever go away.

I wish I could have some dreams of my own that are just for me and no one else to compete with that I could fulfill.

Sorry, guess I'm kind of 'morbid' tonight....and this is why I'm heading to bed before 7pm, lol.

Love ya Joy...and love your blogs and pics!

Joy said...

Oh Em... I'm still praying for you and I'm going to start praying that you will be able to dream again. I think God gives us dreams to remind us of who we are in Him. He can fulfill all of your dreams!

Love you.. and *hugs* from me