Thursday, September 16, 2010

Talk Too Much Thursday

Clever title, huh? Or not. It’s whatever.

I’ve just been quite silent this month, not posting much of anything & hearing about it from others. It’s the hearing about it from others that prompted this post! So enjoy. I promise I have some posts that I’m working on and I’ll try to finish out the month of September better than I started it! I just need to find the time to edit photos.

Maybe I shouldn’t have picked on my brother so much when he hadn’t edited in a while. Nah. What else are little sisters for? =o)

I’ve had some really great/exciting/fun stuff going on in my life, but more importantly God has been working in my heart; making me see more and more the need for Him in my life. That part hasn’t been easy.

At all.

It’s part of the reason for my silence… some of it. Sometimes I can’t explain it or it feels to personal. Things that I don’t even understand.

But, there is enough going on in my life in other areas that I can easily share… especially if I get those photos edited… and I should and I will. Maybe someday I’ll even share the really fun 4th of July photos I took! Or maybe instead (like Christmas in July) I’ll celebrate the 4th in December =oP

Have I mentioned that I see grasshoppers everywhere? I know I mentioned it on my 365 Blog. I do. They’ve been on my car, on my house, in my house; the other week while I was mowing it seemed like there were hundreds of tiny ones all over the yard. Today there is 1 on my window at work. I’ve been at other offices where there have been a half dozen.

Let’s see… Beverly and I are now more walking than running. My knee has been hurting so until it gets stronger we’re working on distance instead or running. That way I’ll be able to walk a strong 5k in October. Yep, I’m still going to do it! And I’m looking forward to it, too! Although part of that is looking forward to the festival in Germantown afterwards with friends. After that 5k, we’re going to start run/walking to lead to running because by then, hopefully, my knee won’t hate me anymore in time for. Bev told me she thinks I’d be ready to train in time to do the Country Music Half, but I think I’ll just take it one step at a time =o)

I’ll write some more on that, perhaps this weekend and I’ll try to me a photo editing nut over the weekend so I can post some more tings over the next couple of weeks…

Sorry I’ve been so lame, blogging friends. I really have missed you!

P.S. I just realized it, but I can't believe yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of my moving to Tennessee! Happy anniversary, Me! =o)

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