Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things for a Tuesday (a.k.a. Some Very Scattered Thoughts!)

Life has gotten busy again, blogging friends! I went from a crazy hectic summer right into a crazy hectic fall. The difference is my focus. Where my time is being spent. My goals. Sometimes I think I might be going crazy, but I think it’ll be worth it all in the long term.

You see, I’m focusing on God. On what He wants for me; and part of that is my health. I’ve talked about this before, I know, but here I go again.. I’m sure you must be getting used to that =o) But here’s the latest… haha

I’m walking:

A 5k in Germantown (in Nashville) on October 9th

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5 mile walk on October 30th (If you want to donate to our team, we’ll……. love you forever? You can donate here or here)

The 5k Strides for SIDS on November 6th

I also read this quote in Fitness Magazine and it’s been helpful and motivating:

“Thinking ‘I don’t want to be fat’ never got me to the gym. It was only when, at 200 pounds, I told myself ‘I am thin’ that I quit living by imaginary boundaries and began dropping pounds. – N. Wakhlu

So from here on out, I’m telling myself ‘I’m thin’!! No more limiting myself with negativity!!!

That’s why I’m spending two or three days a week out walking with Beverly, and not much time at home editing photos or blogging. And forget about facebook… maybe I’ll check it quickly in the morning or on lunch (both on my cell phone) but I don’t have the time to really see what’s going on with my friends.

I need to edit photos still from the 4th of July, a Murder Mystery Train ride, the Zoo, My niece’s b-day party, a Cub’s game, a day of photos around Murfreesboro, and the flea market (I *heart* my flea market finds) but more excitedly, I have some upcoming shoots to plan for some families I know and my former roommate C (who is the third friend of mine to end up with a guy who’s name starts with D! I’m spotting a trend!). She and I talked about it and I think it’s going to be fun to get to know this guy while I’m snapping some photos of them!!

I’m also thinking about starting an etsy storefront. Does anyone out there know about taxes? I just don’t know how to work that all out… hrrmmm….

What else. The flea market finds… my other former roommate A introduced me to this glass selling man at the gigantic Nashville Flea Market and he sells this beautiful purple glass. I caved and bought a vase and a jar… it makes me smile every time I see them on my counter. And it makes me thing I need to buy myself a flower or two =o)

Oh, and I’m still avoiding reading Radical and Instruments in the Redeemers Hands

Tell me friends, what’s going on with you?


Anonymous said...

I'm counting it all joy that I'm in a painful trial because God is causing me again to trust His perfect plan and to know Him better. So, I'm off to read His word and pray right now. To God be all glory! M

Bubbles1088 said...

I really enjoyed this blog! It sounds like you've got some good goals. :)