Thursday, September 2, 2010


I took a bite into a Macintosh apple today and I was instantly taken back…

…to fall days playing in the backyard.
…to the smell of fall so crisp in the air.
…to playing football with my dad and brothers.
…to climbing our apple tree in the yard to pick apples (were they even Macintosh's? I don’t remember)
…to playing with friends outdoors savoring the last of it we could before winter stung the air.
…to new jackets being worn.
…to raking leaves.
…to jumping in piles of raked leaves.
…to raking leaves all over again.
…to stone and leave ‘soup’ made in our wagon.
…to planning Halloween costumes (that were sometimes worn under jackets)
…to school starting.
…to the excitement of new friends and teachers.
…to playing ‘don’t step on a crack’ while walking there.
…to popping popcorn with my dad for movie nights.
…to making caramel apples with my mom.
…to the sun setting sooner.
…to the days getting cooler.

I love those memories & I love the fall.

What are your favorite memories of this beautiful time of year?

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Mom said...

I've always loved Fall the best and remember how I enjoyed watching my children at play in the autumn leaves. I remember my rosy-cheeked, wind-blown, blonde, curly-haired daughter playing in the brisk fall air and always having a big smile on her face, enjoying everything! I remember making the caramel apples and costumes with her too, and enjoying beautifully colored autumn landscapes while sitting on the swing. I remember making apples pies and canning homemade tomato soup with my mom in our kitchen and all the kids coming home from school and seeing grandma there. Can't wait to see you this autumn, dear daughter. What memories we will make together!!! Love you, Mom
P.S. This blog is a real treasure; thank you!