Thursday, November 4, 2010


Those are my hours for work this week and I LOVE THEM!

I may be one of the only people who think so, but I think these are the very best hours to work. At least for a single girl with no family to go home to ;o)

Here’s the thing. 7 is early enough to go out with friends after work or work out. It’s early enough to relax and chill out at home and get laundry done (on laundry night). It’s still enough time to feel like I have time to do something or nothing after work.

And starting at 10? Well now, that’s just legit! I still tend to get up around 7:30 (except for this morning, ha!) spend time reading my Bible, shower, get ready for work and tidy up my house. It’s great and it’s leisurely and I just love the calm of my morning. AND did you know that when you start at 10, 2:30 in the afternoon appears before you know it? It’s like my day is flying by!

And I won’t leave out that I’m working with yet another awesome team at the financial institution I work for =o)


I get to work here next week too…



Budd said...

At 5pm, I just want out. I prefer to get to work early.

Amanda said...

Love that you still get up and spend time in the Word... great job!