Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for a New Perspective

So yesterday I tweeted. I said, "I need to stop being surprised when God answers prayer..."

It was, in the grand scheme of things, something trivial that I was so thankful for. My laptop was acting up and I needed to get photos to people I did a couple of shoots for. I couldn't copy the photos. Both the family and the couple were friends of mine and they would have understood. But there I sat in my chair staring at my laptop and praying. I restarted my computer. Everything worked.

 I praised God, there was some happy dancing while I was getting ready for church, and I tweeted. "I need to stop being surprised when God answers prayer..."

A short while later, I got this tweet back from my friend Riley, "@ haha I feel ya! But I sometimes feel that if I lose the surprise factor, I'll lose excitement. And that I never wanna lose!"

It really got me thinking (and can I say how much I love it when twitter gets me thinking? 140 characters or less...). We always say God answers prayers. It's a yes or a no, sometimes its (my least favorite) a wait. And then we hear things about how we should always realize that He will answer and why are we so surprised when He does?

Would we lose excitement? Would we lose some of the extra joy we feel when He does answer?

And then I started wondering if I really feel that kind of joy even when God tells me no. Joy in the difficult times...

I don't have any answers... I haven't gotten any farther than this.

But it's Thanksgiving week.

And today?

Today I'm thankful for a new perspective.

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inci said...

Just enjoy being surprised by God! If you don't want this joy, then how are you gonna appreciate the surprise?
God bless you